Q-1. When Should we Submit the papers ?

Ans. Author can submit their manuscript any time. If it is accepted then it will be published in next upcoming issue. ijbar publishes one issue in every month i.e., 12 issues per year.

Q-2. How long does it take for paper review process ?

Ans. It will take 3 to 5 days for review process.

Q-3. When will I receive the acknowledgment after submission of the paper ?

Ans. Paper submission is normally acknowledged within 24 hrs.

Q-4. What is the publication Fee ?


Categories Indian Authors Foreign Authors
Academic Faculty 2000 INR 250 USD
Research Scholars (Ph.D)/ Members 2000 INR 250 USD
Students ( B.Tech./ M.Tech./ M.Sc./ MCA etc ) 2000 INR 250 USD

Q-5. Where can I find Manuscript Preparation Guidelines ?

Ans. The manuscript guidelines are given in "For Authors" and for preparing the manuscript, the paper template can be downloaded from "Downloads"

Q-6. Where can I find Copyright Transfer form ?

Ans. If your paper is accepted for publication, download the Copy Right Form from "Downloads" and send it to editor.ijbar@gmail.com or editor@ijbar.org.in

Q-7. How to deposit publication fees ?

Ans. If your paper is accepted for publication, the bank details will be sent along with the acceptance letter. You can deposit the cash in the given bank details or else you can transfer the publication fee through online.