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Print ISSN: 2249-3352
Online ISSN: 2278-0505
Vol. 2 – Issue 2 (Dec 2012) Half Yearly

1. Phyto-sociological Attributes of a Grassland Community in Angamatia, Mayurbhanj, Odisha.
Pramod Kumar Kar.
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2. Optical Properties Of CuO-MnO2-B2O3 Glasses
W. J. Gawande, S. S. Yawale, S. P. Yawale
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3. Characterization of Nanostructured CdS Thin film Prepared By Chemical Route
S.K. Karande, F.C. Raghuwanshi, B. H. Pawar, V.D. Kapse
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4. Induction of Somatic Embryos from Cotyledon Explant in Jatropha curcas (LINN)
Sanjay R. Biradar, Vishwanath Waghmare, Narayan Pandhure
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5. Toxic Effect of Endosulfan on the Caudal Regeneration (Posterior Region) Of the Earthworm Oligochaete, Eisenia fetida.
S. G. Kulkarni , A. S. Wakale.
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6. Doppler shift in de Broglie waves
B.A. Rathod .
Abstract | Full Text

7. Molecular Correlation Study Of Pentenenitrile With 1,2 Dichloroethane at 150C Temperature
I.G. Shere
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8. Study of Physico-chemical properties of water from Bopapur dam Amravati district of Vidarbha Region.
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9. Irrigational Facilities in Jalna district – A Geographical Review
D.S. Gajhans, M.T. Suryawanshi.
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10. Effect Of Climatic Factors On The Prevalence Of Intestinal Helminths From Aurangabad District (M.S.), India.
S. B. Avhad, V. K. Wahule, C. J. Hiware
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B. R. Sontakke, J.A. Nanware
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12. Degradation Studies on Telmisartan and RP - HPLC Method for the Determination of in Pure and Pharmaceutical Formulation
Mohd.gousuddin, S.appala raju, Mashood ahmad shah, Sultanuddin
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13. Fluorescence Emission Spectra of Kidney Cancer
D.K. Kendre
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14. Synthesis and Study of Electrical Conductivity of Cinnamic Acid doped 1:2 (PS+PMMA) Polyblend thin films.
R.V. Joat,A.S. Wadatkar ,T.S. Wasnik, P.S. Bodkhe, S. Binani, R.M. Agrawal.
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15. Literacy Pattern in Jalna District - A Geographical Review
D.S. Gajhans, M.T.Suryawanshi
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16. Synthesis and Study of Anti-fungal Activity of 2- Mercapto Substituted Pyrimidine Using Thermodynamic Parameter by Ultrasonic Technique
ShradhaS.Binani, P.S.Bodke,R.V.Joat.
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17. Diagnosis of Human oral Cancer by synchronous Luminescence Spectroscopy
Abstract | Full Text

18. Web Usage Mining -Pattern Discovery & Its Applications
Deepti V. Patange
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19. Biologically Active Tetraazamacrocyclic Complexes of Co (ΙΙ), Ni (ΙΙ), Cu (ΙΙ), and Zn (ΙΙ)
V. T. Kamble, S. N. Ibatte
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